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I booked a reiki session with Charlotte and I am amazed at what it’s done for me!! I actually had never heard of or even considered a reiki session before. but, after meeting Charlotte and seeing her energy and connecting with her, she made it an easy decision for me!! I woke up feeling, different, (hard to pinpoint) but felt a huge energy shift and have had WAY less anxiety ever since! I struggle with anxiety so this was huge for me. Charlotte is such an amazing person, she is such a light. She has so many tips and tricks, so much to offer. Thank you again Charlotte! Will be booking again with you.

Tamara, USA

I had my first ever Reiki session with Charlotte recently and I wasnt really sure what to expect but had been keen to try it for some time.

I prepared my room with candles, paleo santo and relaxing music and got myself comfortable.

I meditate every day so thought maybe it would feel along the same lines as that. My experience felt quite different.. like I had drifted out of my body a couple of times and the energy felt like it was shining through me.

The half an hour absolutly flew by and I felt completly at peace and happy when I finally felt I could open my eyes!

I very much look forward to a face to face session with Charlotte when that is possible!

Eleanor, UK

I had been interested in Reiki for quite some time and was so relieved to have come across Charlotte. Charlotte has some of the most beautiful energy I've felt and I highly recommend to schedule a distance session with her. I scheduled a 30 min session with feedback and was not disappointed! During the session, I felt extremely relaxed and peaceful. Shortly after, I received my highly detailed feedback explaining different chakras she felt were blocked, with recommendations on what to do next, etc. I was pleasantly surprised with the breakdown and honestly can't wait for my next session. Thank you dear Charlotte for your kind heart and your warm energy.

Cassie, USA

Charlotte is an empathetic and incredibly caring and thorough practitioner, she makes you feel understood and ‘seen’ which I really appreciate. I followed her instructions and settled myself in bed with the lights dim, meditation music, my humidifier and my puppy and focused on deep breathing. After the session I felt relaxed and so sleepy (I had an evening session which I recommend so much if you’re looking for a good nights sleep!). I had a wonderful, deep nights sleep when I often toss and turn all night and the sense of contentment continued into the next day!

Jennifer, UK

Since my Reiki session, my left hamstring hasn't bothered me once.  Considering that I've spent the entire weekend either doing DIY or working in the garden, that is remarkable.  It's bothered me for weeks and not a murmur this weekend, even despite the hard work. So thank you again.

John, UK

I am so pleased that I listened to my intuition and booked a distance healing session with Charlotte.  I can’t tell you now or why, but I felt it!  I set up a space to lay with candles, incense and an eye mask with relaxing music.  Charlotte messaged me just before to let me know that she was setting up and told me when she was starting.  During, I felt sensations particularly around my ears, head and a deep softening in my shoulders (my shoulders are often up by my ears so this is no easy task for me!!!).  I meditate every day and do not feel the same sensations so being still with my body was not explanation enough...  I felt restored and relaxed afterwards, and also unlike me as a bit of an ‘energiser bunny’, I listened to my body’s ask to slow down and restore.  Charlotte provide information beforehand, checked in with me afterwards and was really helpful in answering my questions. She went above & beyond by sending extra information about what healing within my body might have been taking place given the sensations I had.  If you have an open mind to believing in magic, healing and the power of energy, then definitely book a session!  Thank you Charlotte

Marcia, UK

My reiki with Charlotte was unexpectedly amazing because I had actually got the dates wrong that I had booked it in. She performed mine in the early hours of the morning here in Australia and for the first time in as long as I remember I slept like a log through the night! There couldn't have been a placebo effect because I didn't realise it was happening. Since the clearing I have also had some unexpected success in my business, like some blocks have been cleared there too! Highly recommend people experience this for themselves.

Katrina, Australia

Reiki with Charlotte was very calming and healing... After our session, I felt a simplicity to life that had been lacking.  I have greater confidence in the future and myself and I have re-embraced life.  I am setting goals, achieving what I need to and accept that life is taking me where it needs to take me.  I do not fret for the things that I thought I needed.  I feel happier, have greater clarity and renewed confidence.

Henry, Adelaide

Charlotte is a kind, compassionate woman and a powerful, intuitive healer.  She understands the vast variety of challenges that life brings you, and helps you to navigate them with intuitive insight and understanding.  She is critical to any healing journey, the ideal guide that you need next to you to help you understand where to go next and how to do so with self-love, compassion and faith.  After her Reiki session, I had a transformative dream in which huge energy blocks were shifting from my throat chakra.  She is the real deal.

Louise, London

Charlotte is such a kind and beautiful soul.  She performed a distance Reiki session on our beloved dog at late notice as he was poorly and had taken a bad turn.  Her session provided immediate visible relief for him!  It was amazing to observe, he was twitching in different parts of his body during the whole session!  Afterwards he had a new lease of life, it was incredible, he has been so much more lively and himself since.  We are so grateful, thank you Charlotte!

Amelia, UK

I met Charlotte only a few months ago after I had heard a lot about Reiki but never tried it before.  Charlotte offers sessions at very short notice and remotely, which is great, and even including email feedback, in which she goes into detail about any blockages she feels during the process and how her client can clear or release those.  I've had two sessions so far; I felt the Reiki energy very clearly during both and in the exact places I needed it the most.  A toothache I had cleared up and overall feelings of being stuck dissolved make me more open.  During the first session, I could tell my third eye was opening up, and even felt the Reiki energy when it entered and left my body again.  I'm surely going back for more sessions because Charlotte is not only the sweetest and most helpful person but the Reiki also has such a healing and calming effect that I don't want to miss it anymore,  I highly recommend booking a Reiki session ASAP with the beautiful Charlotte.

Lexi, Germany

Charlotte is an angel, she goes above and beyond with her sessions and her feedback.  This was my first experience of virtual Reiki and I found it so amazing and insightful, I have since bought sessions as gifts for my family members!  The actual session was so grounding and calming, and the feedback and insights Charlotte sent me afterwards were incredible and resonated with me so much, it brought me to tears!  She also gave me tangible things I can continue doing myself to work on my blocks.  Thank you so much Charlotte!

Amelia, UK

Reiki Healing

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