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The Discomfort of the In-between

I once heard the comfort zone described as the hell zone.

When we decide to change it can be incredibly uncomfortable. In fact, change IS uncomfortable even when it's for the best and I think that's why so many people just stay where they are even when they don't want to.

It's hard to start an exercise regime, it's hard to quit your job, it's hard set boundaries, it's hard to change your diet, it's hard to end a relationship, it's hard to get clean, it's hard to learn something new, it's hard to study, it's hard to get up early. CHANGE IS HARD.

But... If you don't ever take the leap and get started then nothing will ever change. And as hard as all the above things are... It's also hard to be unhealthy, it's hard to be in a job you hate, it's hard to have no boundaries, it's hard to be in a relationship that makes you miserable, it's hard to be a drug addict, it's hard to be stagnant and unchallenged, it's hard to run late for things. IT'S ALL HARD....

So, choose your hard.

Getting started is the hardest part, but once you take that first step you'll start to gain momentum and before you know it you're nowhere near where you used to be.

You then face the in-between. The in-between is where most people give up. It's the hardest place to be. It's where you'll feel most lonely, most misunderstood. It's where you'll want to run back towards everything you once knew. Towards everything that's familiar. Towards everything that's comfortable. You're not where you once were but you're not yet where you want to be.

The in-between is that awkward transitional phase. Think of it as a gawky teenager. No longer a cute kid but not quite an adult. Your limbs are too long for your body, you trip over your own feet, you're covered in acne and if you were born in the 80s your mouth is most likely full of brightly coloured elastic bands and metal 👌🏼 cute.

But the in-between is the most important part. It's what makes you into the person you're going to become. If you can persevere and keep going as everything falls away you will be ASTOUNDED at the results.

You will feel lonely and misunderstood, you'll wonder if there's any point in carrying on because you aren't seeing results yet. But you're ALMOST THERE. So keep going, the other side is closer than you think....

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