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  • Charlotte Jackson

Anything is Possible

I remember years ago, when I was an addict, I crossed paths with someone who told me very matter of factly that "anything is possible" when I questioned an outlandish theory she had.

At the time I laughed and looked at her like she was a little crazy. I rolled my eyes and said "anything is not possible, that's completely ridiculous".

You see, back then, I thought I knew a lot. I had the answer to everything and I tended to talk a lot more than I listened. Have you ever noticed how people who talk a lot actually tend to have very little to say that's actually worth listening to?!

A couple of years later as I sat in my two bedroom apartment overlooking the city of Melbourne with $10,000 sitting in my bank account I was reminded of this conversation and smiled to myself. It turns out that she had been right - anything is possible... but only if you believe it is.

The moment I started to see that I wasn't always right, that I actually knew very little and had so much to learn about the world was the moment my life started to change. And as my perspective shifted and I started to see that in fact anything is possible, I started to see miracle after miracle take place in my life.

Sometimes, we don't take that first step towards what we want because we don't think we could ever achieve it or we don't understand how on earth it could happen - but if you really believe that something is meant to be (even if you don't know how) then the whole universe conspires to make it happen.

So go on, reach for it, and trust that anything is possible... because as soon as you believe that, your entire reality will start to shift.

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